Shed excess water and slim your waist down with workout belts?

Shed excess water and slim your waist down fast with this easy-to-use new Tecnomed POWERNET Belt. Feel the burn as the soft material heats up your mid section, helping you shed those last few pounds and giving you that lean, chiseled look you desire. When you combine this waist reduction belt with the regular exercises, you can witness excellent and quick results. Apart from reducing belly fat, this product can also temporarily give the appearance of tight abs.

Extremely soft to touch, extra light material. Generates a thermal effect in problem areas in the waist, abdomen, and back. Full-body neoprene, lined internally and externally with extra soft and quick-drying material. •

Main band made of neoprene • Lightweight garment for maximum comfort.

• Elastic bands that allow you to control your desired level of adjustment

• Thermal action on the abdomen, waist, and lower and mid back.

• Anti-allergic and quick drying.

• Flexible plastic boning for lower back support

• Variety of colors available

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